Matrix Perc

The matrix perc is a 360-degree mesh percolator used in bongs and dab rigs that will instantly diffuse the smoke into a stack of tiny bubbles. Peep some of the most popular matrix perc designs below and watch this incredible perc in action. The unique design of the double matrix perc is extremely underrated. The matrix perc water pipe allows you to distance yourself further from your flame and the design acts as a sort of splashguard. This bong also has an impressive matrix perc located in the center to diffuse your smoke. 

The beautiful and sturdy craftsmanship of this piece will look great on a coffee table and will the object of all your friends jealousy. The thick glass allows for the durability of the stereo matrix and the Percs on this piece allow for a smooth and thick smoke for you to enjoy. It doesn't get any better than the  matrix perc water pipe.

Mini Matrix Perc Dab Rig
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